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    As you might have noticed it, our menu has changed!

    This new menu consists of 5 tabs:
    * By clicking on your nickname, you will have access to all the links of your Delcampe account in general as well as to your messages (most of the links that were previously in "My Delcampe" are now included).
    * The "Buy" tab includes not only searches but also everything related to your purchases (purchase tracking, feedback...).
    * The "Sell" tab gives access to all the links allowing you to manage your sales as well as the seliing tools.
    * The "Community" tab will give you access to the blog, agenda and forum.
    * The Help Centre will answer most of your questions.

    We hope you enjoy this new menu.

    We are pretty sure you will soon get used to it!

    Have a nice day,